Physical Layer Head

Leading Telecom Services 

This was a very prestigious and a landmark role for us because we got an opportunity to showcase our talent acquisition forte in 5G technology; the future of a fast changing and evolving digital world. This position was very critical as this leader has to act as site leader and also holds umbrella for complete Physical level development for this niche Software & hardware lab of its kind in 20s.


 As the market has many players in India who wish to be indulged into the dawn of this technology, this was quiet a hard task to find out the talent in Silicon Valley of India. Already existing brand and finding out the good pedigree in shortest timeline in Bengaluru create a niche pool for them and also making they stand-out in the market.  Most of the competitors have also started from zero and were in a rat race to prove the metal in the new world of 5G.


 For finding this talent for core development background we first planned to understand the client, their needs, their current Business model and the basic skills in combination.

Overall, we planned a fastest strategy in few steps:-

  1.  Mapped the few target firms.
  2.  Sold the role on real time basis. For doing any startup level hiring the major challenge while tapping into senior level roles, is the trust they get from recruitment advisors.
  3. Complete   information of value chain about the core strength of company & we put a core dedicated team on the   task and completed all assessment in 3 days.
  4. When there is competition, speed is the only success in combination with quality; and we brought both at same time, giving us success in nailing the selection.
  5. We were able to map the pool of talent with immediate availability or ease of joining which consecutively resulted in a fastest joining cycle for this role.


We managed to close this role with utmost sophistication and a deep sense of urgency while gaining the confidence of a new industry client. The exposure to the new arenas of technology and functions broadened up our understanding of this niche sector and its imminent demands. While it was new to us, finding the right talent at the right place gave us an edge to go beyond the historical success. Our hard work and diligence paved way for many more projects from the same client.