SBU Delivery Head

Leading IT Services Company

One of the leading ITES client was looking for a talent to fulfill their SBU Delivery Head role for India. Responsible for outstanding operational delivery to multiple clients on a day to day basis the role demanded agility while managing multiple clients and multiple delivery teams in a fast paced environment. With such criticality it became an inherent need for us to dig and juggle up our strongholds across the vertical to find the best fit talent.


One of the challenges was, hiring for India Delivery lead who has to be someone who has been seasoned in the Industry with complete Delivery team setup, understands the SI business well & is well versed of the India as the market & that so for niche Industry units like Government, CME, Enterprise & Captives.

The position was very critical to the client & they already had few of the talents in the pipeline but were on hold due to the mixed exposure of the Industry verticals & the cost factor. As a Vendor it was a tough challenge to work on the already worked upon mandate with a structured approach & speed.


  • The competitors in the market are limited at least serving the niche verticals thus we first had to map out the best suited competitors in the market.
  • To get a dynamic resource for the already sedimented ideologies & in extremely complex environment the target should be to get somebody from an almost similar setup but aspirational attitude to automate the system & add value
  • Despite of the fact that the ask was of a pure play Delivery guy with no intention of getting sales clubbed but to anchor the delivery the need is huge to get well connected with the stakeholders & the Clients. Thus, a people’s person with strong executive presence would have been the best fit.
  • The cost was the most important aspect. With the conservative pay grid/ budget we had to stick to the talents who have not hopped too much in the Industry & while doing so the biggest challenge was to get him motivated enough to step out of their comfort zone & ensuring that they will get free hand to run the shop.
  • With a total of 90 days NP candidate engagement was a task to be managed & was handled well.


With this talent getting onboarded we have actually served the client in the best cost & the most seasoned resource who has played a pivotal role in setting up the entire Vertical delivery from ground up.

As this was the fire position to the Client we read the need pretty well get this closed with the very first resume that we shared for the req against 5 profiles in total.

With a strong candidate engagement we managed to get him home despite of a lot of retention counters that he faced from his existing employer.

Even the Client (who was in urgent need of the resource) waited for the complete 3 months NP to be completed & was so convinced with the entire process that they did not even look at working on the backups.

As a result the Client opened almost 80% of their Leadership critical positions which requires in-depth research & due diligence to be done.