Oil & Gas Company

The challenge of professional services has always been to identify and hire a candidate that represents a perfect balance of technical competency along with the strategic foresight to run businesses.

With the same vision in mind one of the home grown O&G/ EPC companies approached us to hire a CEO for their Indian operations.


After having met with the candidates in the industries, the client was still not able to identify someone, who could deal with complexities involved in understanding and growing the business. 

The stakeholders still felt that apart from the domain knowledge, the individual’s ability to network, assess risks, deal with uncertainty and dexterity to manage teams across domains was still missing.

With the word of mouth and also due to the fact that we had assisted major O&G clients in the past, we were selected as one of the vendors for the task.


As a new partner, our endeavor was to thoroughly engage and communicate with the client to avoid the trial & error approach of hiring.  We adopted the following

  • Prepared a deck about the Client, their achievements, their culture, their vision to educate the candidate about more than meets the eye
  • Honed the knowledge of the internal team before reaching out to the prospective candidates
  • Prepared  through technical question to assess competency  of the candidates  
  • Prepared the basket of companies and mapped out the prospects which were shared with the client on weekly basis
  • Conducted interviews which entailed solving of case studies to represent their leadership skills. .


We presented 10 candidates to the clients compared to 50 candidates which were represented by the last search partner and were able to boil it down to 3 final shortlists.  The client went ahead with a candidate with 15+ years of experience, who had been working with one of the renowned EPC companies based out of India. His technical, financial and business acumen were equally impressive.