Director KYC/ AML

Leading Banking Client

One of the leading Banking client was looking for a talent to fulfill their Director for KYC/AML role. KYC is the process that institutions must take in order to verify their customer’s identities before providing services. AML operates on a much broader level and are the measures that institutions take to prevent and combat money laundering, terrorism financing, and other financial crimes. With such criticality it became an inherent need for us to dig and juggle up our strongholds across the vertical to find the best fit talent.


With this being a new Client in an extremely new Industry we had a huge pressure to serve the best. The Client had already remarkable number of Vendors who only worked in the given Industry cult. With this being a fair entry point we had to work within limited information. This was a confidential role (replacement) & has to be worked under the cover.

A lot of research was conducted from our side to get the right fitment of candidature with the lightning speed.


As a new partner, our endeavor was to thoroughly engage and communicate with the client to avoid the trial & error approach of hiring. 

  • Before getting into the search a proper due diligence on the subject was conducted.
  • A proper study about the subject & the regulations was done to be hands-on with the questionnaire to the candidates for the accuracy of the work.
  • Close monitoring on the resumes rejected & the reasons behind due to the limited exposure
  • To work in this zero error tolerance in a US based banking setup the check was tight on all the regulatory perspective with the large & complex transactions-
    • Customer Acceptance Policy;
      • Risk Management;
      • Customer Identification Procedures (CIP); and
      • Monitoring of Transactions


As the result the position was successfully closed & the talent was more than happy to bounce back into the foreign banking environment.

The strategy that worked was to get someone who is currently in Indian banking with through exposure in all the related Banking segments & keen enough to get back to the MNS.

We managed to instill the confidence within the client to handle their core & critical positions in their domain. This served as the entry gate to the client for several other positions at the Leadership role.