Head HR

 Hybrid IT Services

One of the leading IT client was looking for a talent to fulfill their Head HR role. Responsible for outstanding operational HR functions, the role demanded agility while managing multiple stakeholders and multiple functions in a fast paced environment.


Hiring a talent at the Head HR level may look like a cakewalk but it gave a real tough time to get the right fitment. It takes a lot of heart & soul to feel the pulse of the Org & work as per the need without getting much illustration by the Client.

A managed services player with a strong footprint in overseas market required to invest in a talent to head the Human Resources portfolio in their India HQ. The ask was definite to have their own feel & presence in India as a region. The candidate was supposed to-

  • Build the credibility & noise of their significant presence
  • Despite of being a brand overseas instilling the confidence to create an independent team within India & share a free hand to run the business their own way
  • A strong resource who can closely shoulder the responsibility to develop the team from the talent acquisition & talent management perspective.
  • Striking the balance between the existing & new talent hire,
  • Striking the balance between overseas management & the India team.


As we have sensed the need & ask of the Organization we strategized to action plan to serve them the exact & the best with the focus being upon-

  • A talent who comes from a mixed bag of established brand & the startups. Someone who has dealt with the setup from ground up. The one who has enjoyed the Brand Glory & simultaneously also understands the intricacies & complexities while dealing with setting up a team from the scratch.
  • Someone who understand the subject & the core competencies of the business of the Client. The one who understands the Infra business & has worked around setting up the team of the core business.
  • As the initial pick within the core management team one should also have the horizon to visualize the future picture of the business & the HR team, one should be the Jack of All trades whether that is office setup to vendor partnering to internal talent hire to management to C&B and Ops.
  • For the said challenges to be fulfilled a local resource of the region would have been the best fitment thus the focus was to have a Resource with a location cognizance.
  • With the kind of ask & the prevailing market placement the comp was under cost pressure thus an individual with a competitive pay scale & keenness to prove the worth & then leverage the return would be appreciated thus the strategy was webbed accordingly.


With the clear focused approach we could manage to live upto the expectation of the Clients & made the bull’s eye in the very initial set of 4 folks submitted to the management. The intent was to deliver them with the best & the most competitive Resource within the market. Someone who can add value to the other operations related world too.

It has certainly met the two way satisfaction-

We (as the Recruitment Partner) gained the confidence on the strategy to work for the startups or a critical Client who seek our help & guidance in sedimenting their footprints in the Industry & opening up the other requirements for us to work.

The companies acknowledged the Resource being a real value add not only from the HR perspective but as a reliable source for consulting in different other segments of the business.

Also, with this we clearly differentiated ourselves from being just a recruitment partner to the Advisor to the Brand.