Regional Vice President – Healthcare Services

Global Business Process Transformation Company

Every organization undergoes transformation to cope up with changing trends in the market. Its ending point must be different from the starting point. A Global Business Process Transformation Company approached us to search for seasoned healthcare professional for the RVP role. This is our breakthrough story on how the team at Vantedge Search fulfilled the assignment!


Being a mixed player in the services market; the client required someone who could skillfully promote their entire gamut of IT & Digital transformation services across North America. Since the revenue generated from these services was enormous, they needed at least two Regional Vice Presidents for the Healthcare division to look after different territories. 

The major setback faced by the company was the narrow bracket of the definition of a perfect fit. They wanted a candidate who would come with relevant experience & expertise in process outsourcing, someone with a mindset to open avenues in the US market with selling IT services & bagging ‘Tower Deals’ by further pitching BPO services. All in all, a Healthcare expert who knew how to connect the dots & carve-out, unique ways out of limited supervision. The criticality of the role made it a tough catch.


Our strategy was built around the inputs provided by the stakeholders of the company. Understanding which we concluded, they’d prefer candidates coming from a similar competition having a presence in both IT & Business Process Outsourcing services. In no time we dived in the traditional company mapping activity targeting pedigrees from Healthcare IT/BPO services.

As a result, we successfully managed to present a couple of candidatures matching the client’s expectations. To our relief, they happened to meet one of our candidates at an Annual Healthcare Conference wherein their Leadership team had few discussions & developing an instant likeability for the candidate; finalized him on the spot. For the next position, two candidates were shortlisted & after a heavy internal dialogue, the hiring team gave us heads up to one of them since he belonged to both the domains & well versed with service market trends.


Ultimately with this requisition being fulfilled, our relationship grew substantially with the client. We were able to penetrate through their different industry-wide requirements (retail, travel & transportation, BFSI & the like) especially, Healthcare became our sweet spot. Also, our delivery team now assists the client with their technical roles; a major ice breaker for our business revenue & long-standing alliance with the client.