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The influence of the executive talent acquisition expert

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  1. Advantages of working with executive talent acquisition experts
  2. Executive search firms offer industry-specific intelligence and solutions

Executive talent acquisition experts and firms bring the necessary expertise and specialized recruiting for different industry verticals to find senior leaders who are a better talent and culture fit.

Hiring a capable and experienced senior executive is a difficult, lengthy, and often expensive, process. Choosing the wrong person to lead the business or critical functions can end up costing organizations far more than they spend on hiring them. Executive talent acquisition experts must ensure that the candidates they shortlist bring the relevant set of skills and experience and have a proven track record of leading organizations in the same industry.

Executive search differs from general recruitment, as it places an equal accent on leadership attributes and culture fitment besides skills and domain knowledge. Executive search professionals specialize in identifying and placing the best fit leaders in companies from various industries. In certain cases, executive talent acquisition can be done either by an organization’s internal recruiters. But since it requires specialized understanding and experience in leadership hiring for the relevant industry or sector, generalist talent acquisition professionals may not be able to deliver the right solutions, thus affecting future business interests.

The other, and more reliable option, is to collaborate with an external executive search firm. Executive search firms bring the necessary expertise, rigor, and specialized recruiting strategies for different industry verticals, and a vast network of professionals.

Advantages of working with executive talent acquisition experts

Effective hiring can unlock significant business value, improve performance, and drive the organization’s growth. There are many benefits of collaborating with an executive search firm like Vantedge Search, including:

  • Strict confidentiality
    Hiring senior leaders in an organization is a crucial activity. It is pertinent to keep it confidential as any untimely news of such impending change of key leadership may potentially harm business relations, give rise to market speculations and undue manipulations. By keeping the process confidential, executive search firms protect your highly sensitive and valuable information from your competitors and employees. If one of your shortlisted or preferred candidates is already working at the same position in another organization, or if you want to replace the person at your executive position due to his performance, then it is important to engage with a third-party executive search firm.
  • Network of contacts
    It is a real struggle to find a highly skilled professional executive for a company. These roles mostly require a candidate with demonstrable experience leading organizations in areas such operations, finance, IT digital transformation leadership. Such a person is difficult to find since individuals at a leadership position tend to stay at their respective positions for a longer period than people at middle management or entry-level positions. Hence, there isn’t always a readily available pool of talent to choose from by leveraging the regular hiring channels like LinkedIn or other job platforms. An executive search firm would have its own vast network of contacts and connections that help you to find the best-suited executive for your organization.
  • Objectivity and feedback to management
    Executive search firms and talent acquisition experts help add value to an organization’s search for leadership talent in two key ways. One is that they work with the senior management to define the kind of leader they want, the changes they want to bring in culture by hiring such a leader, and most importantly, what skills and capabilities they want for that particular role. The other way is that organizations may already have a well-defined profile for the leadership role they want to hire for and an executive search firm offers its support to help them find and provide a candidate pool to choose from.
    The other essential form of support executive search firms provide is to work with the organization’s management including HR heads to define the hiring terms for and compensatory structures for a given leadership role. We are experts in executive research and we make sure skillful hiring to your organization by conducting detailed reference investigation.
  • Cost-efficiency
    While executive search is an expensive process, organizations can still ensure that they do not spend more than what is necessary with the help of an external partner. An executive search firm will lay out a detailed plan with the timelines, methods, and costs involved in finding and hiring leaders. Executive search firms also provide valuable services such as detailed reference checks and thorough screening of candidates. It is an investment to collaborate with experts who can deliver quality prospects, and ultimately ensure positive growth for your organization.
  • In-depth candidate evaluation
    Executive talent acquisition experts ensure they find a leader who is the right talent and culture fit for your organization. Once mandated, they spend some time with the HR manager and various functional heads to analyze the requirements of the organization better, and determine the culture of the organization. With deeper role and culture-fitment understanding, the search experts devise their search plan. They will outline specific interview questions to identify and evaluate the candidates’ skills and experience to match them to the role’s requirements laid down by the hiring organization.

Executive search firms offer industry-specific intelligence and solutions

Organizations hiring C-suite leaders must weigh a host of factors when creating their recruitment strategy, with the most important of them being the evaluation of candidates and to ensure they hire the best candidate. At the same time, they need to ensure the cost of hiring and the time taken to hire are optimized effectively. The more senior the position, the more critical is the role and the more limited the talent pool. There is no one size fits all solution to leadership hiring and that’s when executive talent search experts and firms add substantial value.

Vantedge Search is an executive search firm led by industry veterans who leverage hiring strategies and solutions that ensure the right balance between people, proficiency, pedigree, and passion to find and hire leaders who are suitable to the organization and its business and culture needs.

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