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Unlocking Talent: Exploring the Top Sourcing Channels for Recruitment

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  1.  Acquiring the talent
  2. Various channels to source the best talent

Sourcing the best talent requires organizations to be constantly updated on the leading sourcing channels for recruitment and improve their methods. This includes looking for candidates beyond the usual channels and incorporation of more data-driven decisions in the process. 

Employees are the soul of any organization. Your business flourishes or stagnates depending on the capabilities, inspiration, and attitude of your workforce. Both employees and leaders should share the organization’s philosophies and vision, and comprehend and work towards achieving the greater objectives they’re attempting to accomplish.

With retention getting more and more difficult than ever, organizations need to get innovative in terms of how they track new talent and bring them on board.

Acquiring the talent

 Sourcing talent or candidates, as part of talent acquisition strategy, is a continuous process. It means proactively searching for the best likely candidates for open or future positions in an organization. At the point when a position opens abruptly, an organization can be ready to move somebody in immediately. Rather than being compelled to skim through resumes or discovering somebody who remotely meets the prerequisites without prior evaluation, businesses can be prepared for any usual or unexpected hiring requirements.

As per the Society of Human Resources Management, sourcing centers around finding as much many relevant, qualified information. That includes names, titles, and responsibilities, which provide meaningful insights into candidate expertise and experience.

Various channels to source the best talent

These are different sources of talent that can be leveraged effectively.  

  • Your company website

Focusing your strategy on pulling candidates into your own website rather than spending a ton of money on sending them to other sites will give you the opportunity to capture their data and your recruitment software can then further help you track and start nurturing them into placements using email, job alerts, etc.

  • Job alerts and emails

If your organization frequently posts job openings on its website, it’s a good idea to encourage candidates to register on your site, or subscribe to your job alerts. Even if a particular set of openings may not be relevant to them, it still allows you to open a line of communication with them and keep them engaged with updates on open positions and important company news till they decide to approach you for a suitable opening.

Relook at and revise your candidate engagement strategy to boost subscribers and expand your candidate pool in 2022. For example, an easy to locate ‘Share you CV’ button on your homepage or job openings page is a simple and efficient way to capture candidate information and communicate with them.

  • Employer branding

According to a LinkedIn report, around 75% of jobseekers research a company’s brand before they’ll even consider applying for a role.

When hiring or planning a new recruitment campaign, share positive company culture content, testimonials from employees, or create a video or blog post to tell candidates more about the department or function you’re hiring for.

Such content gives candidates an insight into the culture and nature of the organization they are considering working for and creates a strong impression. That way, even if a candidate isn’t looking for a new role right now, when they do start looking, they are likely to think of you first.

  • Job boards

Job boards continue to be a very important tool for organizations in their marketing and talent acquisition strategy and boosting the visibility of open job positions. However, it is as important to know when to stop relying on job boards when they do not deliver any results.

Look at job boards as a tool to boost the reach of your postings or specific roles that you think are better suited to be advertised on online channels, rather than using it as the sole channel for every job role you are searching for.

  • Employee referral programs

Candidates trust other candidates and current employees more than any form of employer branding you may spend tons of money on. Studies show that employee social media profiles have 10 times more engagement than company job pages. Therefore, capitalizing on your existing employees as a source for candidate referrals will be important in driving successful hiring in 2022 and beyond.

  • Specialized Recruitment Channels: 

While traditional methods of sourcing talent are effective, there comes a point when specialized roles, especially at the executive level, require a more targeted approach. This is where Executive Search services become invaluable. Executive search firms specialize in sourcing top-tier talent for senior, executive, or other highly specialized positions. They utilize their extensive networks and industry expertise to identify and attract candidates that are not only qualified but are the right cultural fit for your organization. 

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is at the center of most recruiters’ engagement strategies and when used right, it can make sourcing the right candidates very simple and manageable.

Your LinkedIn strategy for 2022 needs to be unique and innovative to distinguish your employer brand from and truly show why candidates must consider your organization. This can help you attract the hard-to-reach candidates other companies are unable to find or engage due to any number of reasons.

  • Facebook

Facebook has a large and powerful user base for certain demographics and markets (for example, blue-collar workers and older professionals). Also, unlike LinkedIn, people engage more on Facebook groups, which makes it a valuable channel for sourcing candidates with skills that are harder to find otherwise.

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