Vice President Financial Planning and Analysis

Hospitality Startup

One of the leading fast paced hospitality start-ups was growing with a 2x pace and wanted to hire an incumbent, who could understand the complexities involved in a start-up and help the client manage their financial planning and analysis function for their new service line.


The task of positioning and finding a blue-chip FMCG/Retail candidate to work in a start-up was surely daunting.  To add to this, the client had already worked with two other consultants and had mapped out most of the talent pool. The data maintenance to check the duplicity of the candidate was missing at the client’s end. 

We were already assisting the client with the niche HR indents and hence we were also recommended for the finance role


  • Interacted closely with the stakeholders and with their help mapped out the list of companies the client had reached out to
  • Did through analysis with the Finance Head along with the HR team to understand what has not worked out
  • Prepared the basket of companies and mapped out the list of candidates, which was shared with the client every day.
  • Avoided traditional ways of approaching candidates through job portals


We managed to close the role though networking and references. We managed to close the role using head hunter approach and got the candidate working with the leading FMCG brands.  Curbed candidate’s inhibition to work in a start-up by getting him connected with to right set of stakeholders and constantly updating him on the client’s stats and facts.